Monday, August 30, 2010

Cold Kiss in the UK

In three days, Cold Kiss is going to be released in the UK. It’s already available on Amazon, and starting this Thursday, September 2nd, you’ll also be able to find it at Waterstones, Sainsbury’s, and hopefully everywhere else.

Since I can't make it over to the UK this time, I'm not going to get a chance to see the book in the stores (yes, it's still exciting to see). So, if anyone wants to email me a pic of the book on the shelves, I'd love to see it.


Well, my first official book tour is over. I had a great time visiting all the stores, meeting booksellers, friends, and readers, and I have to say that a part of me is sad it’s over. But, I have another book coming out in two months, so I’ll be going out again around the holidays. Probably only a couple stops this time, and all of them in warmer climates (Sorry, but you won’t find me in Minneapolis between October and April). I’ll post the dates and destinations when I know them. As of right now, all I have scheduled is Bouchercon in October, and Noircon in November. If you’re going to be at either convention, make sure you say hello. It's safe to assume I'll be in the bar.

Not much going on right now. I started putting together book #4, but I’m holding back on the actual writing until I see the edits from Simon and Schuster for Book #3. Once I’ve got those done, I’m going to tear through Book #4. This one has been in my head for a few months, and it’s screaming to get out. I can't tell you too much about it other than it's going to be dark (maybe the darkest one yet), and that it all starts with a kidnapping.


I’ve had a lot of people come through on The Grove Giveaway, and I want to thank everyone who stepped up and blogged about The Cold Kiss, or reviewed it on Amazon, Goodreads, or wherever else. I’ll be putting together a list of my ten favorites and mailing out ARC’s of The Grove towards the end of the week. I am notoriously bad about getting down to the post office, so if you haven’t received your copy in the next couple weeks (and I told you one was coming) email me and remind me. I wish I could send one to everyone who took part, but unfortunately I only have a few copies left.


That's it for now, but here are a few links to things that popped up over the last couple weeks.

-Keith Rawson posted a video interview we did when I met him at The Poisoned Pen in Phoenix.

-Vince Keenan has a great review on his blog.

-And Keith B Walters just posted one of my first UK reviews.

I hope they're all as good.