Friday, July 17, 2009

More Kindle News

First, and most exciting, is the addition of Allan Guthrie to the list of Kindle authors. Allan has made two of his award winning crime novels available on the kindle Two-way Split, and Kiss Her Goodbye. He also has a new novella up called Killing Mum, and while I haven't read it (yet), if it's anything like the rest of Allan's work, it's going to be great.

If you're a Kindle or ipod/iphone owner and you haven't read Allan Guthrie, this is your chance.


THE GROVE is still doing well. It's been up for seven weeks and the response has been unbelievable. One new development is that the book is moving onto some of the non-kindle top seller lists. It's in the top 50 of all mystery novels, both print and kindle, and it's the #1 hard-boiled mystery on all of Amazon.


In other news, I've been busy typing away on the new novel, and I should have a first draft finished by Halloween and the manuscript ready to go out by the first of the year. I'm also a third of the way through another new book that I should have finished by June 2010. If all goes well, which it rarely does, I'll have both these books ready to go by the time THE COLD KISS is released next summer.

Wish me luck.


Erik Williams said...

Good luck, you efficient bastard. Nice to see THE GROVE still racking up the sales.