Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year

Just a quick update to start 2012.

Simon and Schuster released Already Gone in the UK on December 8th, and the response has exceeded all my expectations. It hit the Heatseekers Chart the first week after the release, and climbed into the top five the second week. I have no idea where it is now, but with any luck the momentum is still going strong. I’ll post a new update when I hear more.

A lot of really good reviews have come in since my last update, and I’m flattered so many people are enjoying the book. Here are a couple of my favorites that popped up recently:

The Nerd of Noir @ Spinetingler Magazine

The Lincoln Journal Star

Milo's Rambles

I also did an interview with Ray Banks at his blog. You can read that one here:

The Saturday Boy

Several people have emailed asking about appearances and signed copies. Here’s what I’ve got set up so far:

Left Coast Crime (Sacramento, CA) in March.

Bouchercon (Cleveland, OH) in October.

Thrillerfest (NYC) in July.

Noircon (Philadelphia, PA) in November.

There are a couple tentative in-store signings in the works, but I'll post those when I know the final details. If you want a signed copy, but you don't think you'll make it to any of these stops, just email me here, and I’ll give you an address where you can send your books. We’ll figure it out.

That’s it for now, but since one of my 2012 resolutions is to update this blog more often, you should hear from me again soon. Until then, I want to say thank you to all the readers, reviewers, and friends who picked up copies of the books and helped me spread the word in 2011. I had a fantastic year, my best yet as a writer, and it wouldn’t have happened without everyone’s support.

And as always, thanks for reading.



Jeremy Burns said...

Mr. Rector, congratulations on your recent but well deserved good fortune. After reading a few of your blog posts it sounds like you should have a wonderful 2012!

I had not heard your name before yesterday when Already Gone was Amazon's Kindle book deal of the day.

My children surprised me with a Kindle for Christmas and Already Gone was the first book I read on it.

I could not put it down once I started reading. The only reason I did not read it all in one sitting was because I started it late in the evening. I read until I couldn't stay awake any longer and then set my Kindle on my night stand when I fell asleep hours later than usual. I picked it up again first thing in the morning and did not put it down again until the end on the beach in Mexico.

Great work, I loved it. Now the tough decision I have ahead is deciding which of your other 3 books to read next!

I wish you much success in 2012, I thoroughly enjoyed Already Gone.

John Rector said...

Thank you, Jeremy. I love hearing this kind of thing, and I hope you like the others just as much. If you're looking for another novel, stick with The Grove or The Cold Kiss. The Walls Around Us is a collection of old short stories, so unless you like short fiction, the other two would be your best bet.

Thanks again for reading.


Kate said...

I too have just finished 'Already Gone' and was frustrated at the need to sleep!!! Amazing read, gripping! Can see a film already. Am now waging a one woman Facebook campaign here in the UK to get everyone reading it, couldn't find a page for you though, do you have one yet?

John Rector said...

Thanks, Kate. Your one woman campaign is greatly appreciated.

I do have a Facebook page. if you search for john_rector, you'll find me.

Sue Barnes said...

I just finished The Cold Kiss, absolutely loved it. I couldn't put it down! Wonderful job! Next is Already Gone, can't wait to start reading!

John Rector said...

Thanks Sue, always nice to hear. Hope you enjoy AG as much.