Sunday, January 22, 2012


So much for my promise to keep this blog updated.

In my defense, I’ve been working non-stop on the new book, and if all goes well it'll be released sometime in September 2012. I'm also hoping to have a new novella available sometime this summer.

The biggest news so far this year is that Already Gone officially became a national bestseller after hitting #8 on the Wall Street Journal’s Bestseller list in the US.

Wall Street Journal.

The book also reached #1 on Amazon earlier this month, and it hit #5 on the Heatseeker chart in the UK. So, it looks like 2012 is off to a great start.

There’s also a very nice review in The Los Angeles Review of Books this week.

L.A. Review of Books

And here's a radio interview I did last week for the Mulberry Lane Show.

Not much else to report. I’m still ironing out signings and convention appearances for the year, and I’ll be posting updates as things develop.

Until then, thanks for reading.



Catherine Stine said...

Hey, that is awesome for you!!! I read your first novel--I'll have to buy the newer one.

Ben said...

Happy to see you have the recognition you deserve, good sir.

Gigistar said...

Hi John,
I just got my hands on The Cold Kiss, actually I just had it delivered and tore the parcel open. Can't wait to get it started!
I know there were plans to have you published here in Italy. Any fresh news about that?

titchi said...

OH MY GOD I am a book freak and have been for years, and i NEED to tell you that your novel Already Gone has amazed me, my husband and i are fighting over it (he wants to take it to work) and i am not letting go. Best book ive read in YEARS. BOTTOM OF MY HEART. Im on the hunt today to purchase every bit of writing you have to offer. Cold kiss is first on my list. YOU are fantastic, not one boring page, it got my heart beating loads of times. Thankyou. Gillian xxxxxxx

John Rector said...

Thanks guys...

Luigi, not sure where we are with Italy, but I know it's coming soon. Hope you enjoy TCK.

Gillian, I'm thrilled you liked it so much. TCK is available in the UK, and Simon and Schuster should be releasing The Grove over there soon (I hope). Let me know what you think?

Anonymous said...

Hi,Jesus, Ive just bought and read Already Gone. Never judge a book by its cover ! I actually bought this book soley on the strength that it looked a lot like Linwood Barclay style. Amazing. I have passed the book onto a friend and since that, have bought Cold Kiss and The Groove. Absolutely brilliant. i have 3 fav authors and John Rector has just topped my list. Well done, keep them coming x

John Rector said...

Thanks, Anon - I hope you like them.

Nikesh Murali said...

idingi titoperJohn, still havent managed to snag an ebook copy of cold kiss. I remember having a conv. with you about it an year ago.

I have seen pirated copies of it floating around on the internet, but i refuse to download it. Any chance you can get your publishers to get a move on, on that front.

Congrats on the new book. Just downloaded that on kindle. Super excited for you. Thanks for giving minimalist writing the popularity it deserves through your writing.